April 20, 2009

Biting Boobies and Potty Training Woes

(Photo...not my baby...of course...LOL)

Baby got his first set of teeth a week ago (both bottom front teeth) so I am prepared for the biting while nursing. So far, he's only done it once, but I think he wasn't paying attention because he was half-asleep. I just really hope he doesn't start a habit of biting...I remember how sore my boobs were when Big Bro was nursing, and that was BEFORE he got teeth! Let's just say nursing didn't go well with Big Bro and myself. We started him fully on formula about 3 months of age. Thankfully, Baby has been nursing for 6 months now with virtually no problems (he gets distracted a lot and pulls off the boobie....I fight to get him to latch again so he can finish eating).

Big Bro is just so adamant with potty training...he almost plain refuses. I can probably get him to willingly "go" at least once a day...the rest of the times I take him, he just goofs around or tries to get in the bath tub (he loves taking a bath). He did, today, successfully make a "Poopie" on the toilet with some prompting! And he didn't just make one plop or 2, I think he filled the toilet! And the funny part was, I kept praising him when he did poop, that he just kept wanting to go!!! I hope I can get him to go more with less fighting. I might get some Potty Training videos/books to help us out. I have one on my wishlist though....it's called Good Going!: Successful Potty Training for Children in Child Care. The book sounds like it could help me and my husband figure this thing out without much difficulty. Well Until then, here's to more "nakie time", diaper tossing, and "corner squatting" until THE POTTY looks more enticing to a 2 year old.



Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Good luck with the potty training! My 2 year old is almost fully trained. Whew!

Insanity Kim said...

Oh I was in this same situation at the same time...gives me shivers just thinking about BOTH scenarios! Hope it all goes well!!

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