November 15, 2011

Re-assessing my life for the better

I was checking my email today and received an email from a newsletter I subscribed to ( about budgeting and saving money) with an interesting article topic about scoring free food from dumpster diving. I love stuff like that so I read it. Boy this article is an eye opener.
I didn't realize non-homeless people did this, but it sure makes sense. If you didn't read the article (but you should since I suck at paraphrasing), I'll try to explain it. It talks about people who Dumpster Dive for food, or anything else, thrown away by "big" corporations (grocery stores, bakeries, etc). Food that either expired that day or had a dent in the can or has a brown spot...all for consumerism.

"Americans throw out an astounding 27% of available food, about a pound of food per day for each American." says the guy in the article.....ok, so I have (and still do sometimes ) do it too. I throw away carrots that "look funny" or milk that "smells funny" (actually, i think all milk smells funny so I don't throw it out until it's reached the expiration date). But what gets me, these stores throw large quantities away WITH NO REAL PROBLEMS with the food....most is just "cosmetic". But they don't donate it because they don't want to be sued if someone gets sick or whatnot. Ok, I get that.....but can't they just put a clause on it or something that prevents them from getting sued? I mean, millions of people in America only are starving and living in shelters, that would LOVE to have this food!! (BTW: I found out after I posted this that there IS a law that protects companies from getting sued for donating food they are about to throw's called the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996)
Well, that's where Freegans come in. They are environmentalists (and usually vegans, hence the word free-gan) that believe capitalism is ruining the world. They Dumpster Dive for food, toiletries, cds, dvds, books, furniture, and whatever else they come upon. They usually go in groups because they can end up with too much for one family, which is then sorted so every group member can take a portion of their findings home.

It sounds gross, but most stores throw away bags of packaged food, and it all gets picked up by the garbage truck within 24 hours of being thrown away....that's why Freegans go "diving" just after stores throw away the "bad" food of the day, which is also usually closing time. See pictures below of the "bad" food they throw away...looks pretty ok, doesn't it?

(photos courtesy of the Secret Freegan)

One lady, who calls herself the Secret Freegan, donates most of what she finds to any shelter willing to take the "dumpster" finds from her. I love the idea of giving back to others in need.

What is my reason for writing this? Other than sharing this amazing story about others saving money and giving back to people in need, I feel I need to re-assess and re-evaluate my life. I am actually one of those really "poor" people, but fortunate enopugh to have a roof over their head.....but I'm tired of either myself or my husband working our butts off for ungrateful bosses (remember the movie Horrible Bosses that came out recently? well, it seems like every job we get, they are like that) just to live in a run-down trailer with no cable, sucky internet, no washer/dryer, no dishwasher, no car, living off of government help (Food Stamps and medical) and wishing I will win the lottery so I can have "stuff".

Well, having stuff and money really means nothing if you are bitter and ungrateful (which I try not to be, but a lot of people are). I want to get back to some basics in my life where I will be able to self sustain by having my own business (that's where my jewelry/craft making come in), grow most of my own food, trade or barter items and/or services (my brother in-law traded his tattooing ability for 2 motor-scooters recently). Why buy new when you can get food, items, or services for free if people are willing to give them up? That's why I like the Free section on Craigslist, and forums like Freecycle where you can get just about anything for free. As for rent, heating, and some techy stuff, those are things I will still need to pay for (I gotta have some tv, cell phone, and internet).

I want to live near people who appreciate each other and life as well as help each other out with no regrets or complaints (ok, sounds to good to be true, but at least that's what Freegans and a lot of people do, but most people aren't lucky to see it or experience that side of people). I'm tired of certain family members who make $40,000+ a year for just the family of 1, that complain about helping others in need because they are tired of shelling out money to them....Now, I don't ever expect them to help me, but I DO expect them to NOT complain when they do help. What happened to families that help out with babysitting, household chores (fixing broken things mostly), rides places, or whatever without asking for anything in return? Or at least are happy to help others without complaining that they are "so tired of giving money to everybody and their brother when they are in trouble"? Again, I just can't stand people who help out, but complain about it TO MY FACE....don't help then if you don't want to....whatever.

Right now, my husband and I are enrolled in school and still have another year on our lot rental, so we can't move just yet....but after we get our Associates degrees, we will move to a cooler state (hopefully Oregon or Washington?) and try to start things new.

What I want to accomplish while there:

1) Own my own home....yeah, we are renting to own this trailer, but we don't own the land.....
2)Have a plentiful vegetable and herb garden.....and share what I grow with others like myself
3)Be crafty.....make my own, well, just about everything! Make jellies and my own bread....fix up "old things" into useful, fun things (look up "upcycling" on Etsy or google)
4)Turn my crafts into profit....start selling on Etsy and at Farmers Markets or other local shows
5)Eat healthier and exercise more....hopefully the gardening will help with both of those :)

We will be saving any extra money from tax refunds or whatever to make this happen. I will live better, and the way I want to. Here's to living better!


November 1, 2011

Happy November

The boys and I had a great Halloween. We went Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood and scored some good candy. One house we went to, an older gentleman gave the kids each a lightsaber toy that makes sounds! Another house we went to gave both my kids metal skull rings ( heavy enough metal that clunked when dropped). I love it when people are creative with their treats. I make it a point to give kids a couple of candies and maybe even a small toy. No "one candy" rule for me.... This year we put the treats into little treat bags for presentation. Then around 7:15pm we went home to pass out candy. My 4 yr old helped by handing the kids the little bags.

On another note: It's time for my blog revamp since it's been forever and the old template just seemed wrong. So what do you think about the new layout? It's not finished because I still have to add some links and such to complete it....but the template/layout is finished. Photobucket

October 28, 2011

Long time, no post

It's been ages since my last post. I'm not sure why I stopped blogging, but I'm back! A whole lotta stuff has happened since last time I posted: My youngest just turned 3, I enrolled in school again, we are renting to own a mobile home, and in about a month I will be turning the BIG 3-0!!! I have been getting back into crafting again, couponing, and cooking (a lotta new stuff!). I suppose a bunch of my posts will consist of that. Maybe in the future I will revamp my blog to include pages of recipe posts and such. I don't know how active I'll be when I start school, but I may be able to at least post 2 entries a week then. Photobucket

February 20, 2010

My baby busted his lip today!

My 16 mo old tripped this morning and fell straight into a plastic crate we had in the dining room (in the process of unpacking from a recent move). Well, his tiny face collided with the corner of the crate and it immediately starting gushing blood and swelling. Now he has a huge gash on the inside of his mouth and a small one outside on his lip. I am afraid that he might need antibiotics or something....I've never dealt with anything as big as this (small bit/fat lips in the past).


February 17, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day!

So, a ton of holidays have passed since I was last on (including the recent Valentines Day....happy 3rd Anniversary to me!!! lol).

I have been dealing with 2 residential moves, quitting college (for various reasons), potty training, and many family crisis these past few months. Pwhew! If that isn't enough, I am still trying to find out the right way to make money online AND start my online (some offline) jewelry business. We are still in need of financial stability and I would really like to make money from way. I really hate hard selling (so NO to Avon and Cookie Lee). I am just NOT cut out for that.

On a family note, my boys are getting so big! I can't keep up with all the new words they are saying and the cute things they do. My 3 year old is still not potty trained yet...I am really getting discouraged. He sometimes makes the initiative to go potty himself, but most times he flat out refuses!

I did buy a really kool new digital camera for myself, a Sony Cybershot, to take pictures of my kids and also my jewelry to sell. Here's a couple pics of my kids:

They sure are camera friendly!


May 28, 2009

How to Clean Your House

(photo from istockphoto)

First off, I am having a really hard time with trying to get (and keep) my house clean. My back is in so much excruciating pain that it's hard to pick up after the kids AND my husband....and being alone during the day, it's also hard to take the garbage out to the dumpster (hubby is kinda lazy and is very reluctant to help clean). I wish I could either wave a magic wand and magically the house will look immaculate OR I win a million dollars and I can not only buy a REAL HOUSE (no apartments anymore) but hire a housecleaning service to clean for me.

Which brings me to this:

I was cleaning out my folders in my email and I came across and old email that I had saved.

1. Open a new file in your PC.
2. Name it "Housework."
3. Send it to the RECYCLE BIN
4. Empty the RECYCLE BIN
5. Your PC will ask you, "Are you sure you want to delete Housework permanently?"
6. Calmly answer, "Yes," and press the mouse button firmly......
7. Feel better?

Works for me!


ANd for those of us who can't just DELETE our Housework, I found an article about 10 Easy Ways TO Get Organized which I might just print out and paste them strategically around my own house to keep my husband me reminded.


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