February 17, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day!

So, a ton of holidays have passed since I was last on (including the recent Valentines Day....happy 3rd Anniversary to me!!! lol).

I have been dealing with 2 residential moves, quitting college (for various reasons), potty training, and many family crisis these past few months. Pwhew! If that isn't enough, I am still trying to find out the right way to make money online AND start my online (some offline) jewelry business. We are still in need of financial stability and I would really like to make money from home...my way. I really hate hard selling (so NO to Avon and Cookie Lee). I am just NOT cut out for that.

On a family note, my boys are getting so big! I can't keep up with all the new words they are saying and the cute things they do. My 3 year old is still not potty trained yet...I am really getting discouraged. He sometimes makes the initiative to go potty himself, but most times he flat out refuses!

I did buy a really kool new digital camera for myself, a Sony Cybershot, to take pictures of my kids and also my jewelry to sell. Here's a couple pics of my kids:

They sure are camera friendly!



Rene' Morris said...

Hey! Your update just came through my email. I hear ya!! I have my online business through http://www.wahmshoppes.com/ I pay $8 a month and love the store. You could sell your jewelery! :-D Email me if you are interested...no, I don't earn anything. LOL I just like the store. :-) You can see mine here and there are many ways to customize them. I'm going to redesign mine soon. http://scentsableyum.com

CastoCreations said...

Contact me if you have any jewelry making/selling questions. I've been selling my jewelry for 5+ years (I've actually lost track...but it's been more than five years). Are you on Etsy yet?

Do you have any photos? I'd love to help. Whether by doing some sort of critiques, offering you some extra supplies (if you've visited my blog you've seen my ridiculous work space!), or just listening. :)

Christina said...

I haven't had time to customize my Etsy shop yet...plus I still need to make some jewelry (I had sold all my pieces and have NO inventory of finished pieces as of the moment). Thank you guys for still reading my blog! LOL. I actually thought no ones read it anymore. I do need to catch up on getting back all my bookmarks of blogs I read and such.

CastoCreations said...

Well, I found it through Entrecard. :) And again, I have SO many supplies that if you need some extras to play with please let me know.


Christina said...

I would love more supplies. I have such a small inventory, mostly beads (but it never seems like enough).

Danielle said...

Awww...The same thing happened to my son when he was about 1 years old. We were playing and I was spinning him around and then I put him down not thinking that he would be a dizzy and he feel over into a wastebasket and cut his gums and his lip. I felt so bad.

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