December 22, 2007

All cookied out!

Today was the famous cookie-making day for Christmas, in our house. I think we made enough to feed a small army, as my mother always says. We always make the same 3 cookies every year: Russian Nougats (AKA Mexican Wedding Cakes), Kolachky (fruit-filled center on the cookies), and Sugar Cookies. We doubled each batch so we can give each of my family members a small plate full of them. Well, I think we have plenty to last until the next year! I think I frosted like 100 sugar cookies and spooned fruit onto another 50 or more. And the nougats needed to be rolled into ball-shapes, and there are a ton of those. We used recipes from since we couldn't find the original ones in our kitchen....they actually came out really good! If you like, I'll post the links so you can try them for yourselves.

Russian Nougats (AKA Mexican Wedding Cakes)
Sugar Cookies

Happy Cookie Making!!!


suchsimplepleasures said...

oh yummy! i'm going to try some of those! i love making cookies but, unfortunately, i love eating them, too!
have a wonderful and healthy holiday!

MKuehler said...

I hope everyone enjoys your creations. Have a great holiday!

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