October 12, 2007

Online Wishlist for Christmas

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Christmas is around the corner and I know most people are making their wishlists now. I found a website that helps you make a wishlist online. They enable you to go to any online store and select an item to add to your wishlist. So you want that awesome new XBOX 360? Go to Gamestop.com (or whatever electronics/gamestore) and find that item (must be on item description page). Then click the bookmark for your wishlist (all in the instructions at their website) and proceed to fill in the info for that item. It's really easy and you can add almost anything from any store. You can make a wishlist for ANY occasion! Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, Baby Showers, whatever you want! Kaboodle.com has a wishlist there too!

My wishlist @ wishlist.com
My wishlist @ kaboodle.com


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