January 14, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

My blog just got approved at Pay Per Post today...YAY! I joined a few months ago, but my blog needed to be 90 days old and have more than 20 posts to be approved...and yesterday was my 90th day. So I am completely enthralled that it is finally approved and I can get started.

A Little Info On Pay Per Post

Pay Per Post is pretty awesome because if you are a blogger and need a way to make extra cash online, PPP is for you. You just pick from a wide selection of opportunities to post about (like new products coming up or a particular website), and if the post is approved (also has to meet requirements), you get paid! You can also place a button on your blog to let advertisers know how much each review is worth (so they can hire you). I am really excited about this. Not only I'll make extra money to buy what I need, but I may learn something new about the things I will write about.

So sign up at Pay Per Post right now if you also have a blog and need/want to make some extra cash on the side (click my link below). :)

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mikster said...

Good luck...hopefully you'll make a few bucks. The only drawback is that you'll lose PR from Google though. (Not that, that would matter to me.)

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