February 24, 2009

Making something of myself....

Times are really bad financially, for me, for everyone. My husband is the only one making money right now and it's just barely above minimum wage....oh yeah, and we have 2 kids to feed too. I have struggled with finding jobs since I have been outta work for a little over 2 years, trying out the MOM thing. LOL.

So lately I have been thinking real hard how to get back into the workplace with the little skills and education I have to make a decent wage....well, it's darn nearly impossible unless I want to do telemarketing or similar jobs, but I am no good at THAT kinda sales...plus I hate straight phone jobs.

I then realized I'd like to go back to school. Everwhere I've looked online for jobs, there were always a ton of Medical job openings. I checked out Apollo College and they offer a class for Medical Lab Tech (Abbey on NCIS sure looks kool doing this). It's actually a 2 year class to get an AS degree, not just a certification. Plus, I can start making money in that field just after my second class! While I'm taking those classes, I decided to take some childcare classes through DES (arizona department of economic security) which will take 90 days to complete all classes and certifications. This will give me the opportunity to learn more about how to take care of my own kids as well as be able to do childcare in my own home while going to school.

But the problem was I won't be making money right away still. So I decided to try AVON again. I know it's still sales, since I said I couldn't do sales....but it's easy sales since I don't have to PUSH people into buying something they don't want. Either they buy something, or I move onto the next person. No problem. Everything's done online now, which makes it a bit more GREEN (always good). Plus, ordering online is kool because you can do it in your jammies. :P

Ok, now my little ad:
Looking to BUY Avon??? Looking to SELL Avon????
Just go to www.youravon.com/christinafanning
*Independent AVON Sales Rep.*

100% Guarantee** Buy from the comfort of your own home** Browse ALL brochures & Specials** FREE Shipping on your first order***

Avon has Beauty products, Perfumes, Jewelry, Clothing, Men's and Kids items, and more!

Check it out & You'll Love what you see!!!

Sorry, but I have to make money some how. LOL.
I hope all these things work out. I am so excited to be doing things for myself...now the only thing left to do, is try to get my jewelry business going.......



Rene said...

Ah ha! I was needing an Avon lady! LOL I used to sell it...spent all of my earnings on products. *sigh* Yeah, money is tight here too and you sound like you have a good plan. Good for you! As soon as I have some $$, I'll order some stuff. I love Avon!!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Good luck! Yeah Abbey sure does look cool doing that, lol. My DH actually started out as a med tech - make sure the school helps out with job placements after you get that degree. If they leave you to float on your own, it's hard to land a job - most places ask for experience even though you get some while getting your degree (crazy, isn't it?)

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