March 5, 2009

Internet sucks!!!

I have been having so much trouble the last few days with my internet....well, my mother's since I don't have service at my own home yet. I could use the internet but not get onto my Yahoo mail, post on blogger blogs, and log onto sites like twitter and a college website.... I have no idea what's wrong. I tried everything, short of calling the network provider. Firewall is off, the sites are not blocked (as far as I can tell), and the internet is connected fine because I can still search on yahoo and read blogs and such. Oh well, I have my own little laptop and brought it over to her house to use the wireless internet.

So sorry about not posting anything in days...I promise to get a few good posts out soon. :)



The Mother said...

Isn't that the worst? You can't get ANYTHING done without internet.

How did we survive a few years ago without it?

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