October 24, 2007

Share A Pic....a new photo sharing site

I just found a new photo sharing site....it looks pretty kool. You can upload all your pictures to share online (just like photobucket) anywhere. The best part is you can get paid for it.

I know, you are saying "Another site that pays you?"....well, if you are like me and like to share your photos with people or post graphic/html comments, then this place could be worth something to try.

Here's what they say:

- Upload unlimited pictures
- No file size restrictions
- Create unlimited galleries
- We pay $0.22 per 1000 pic views.. that's more than some major ad networks pay their publishers!
- We allow you to add your Google Adsense © code to your image and gallery pages.
- We pay out within 7 days!
-One click posting to Myspace, Blogger, Xanga, Hi5, and more!

Join me at Share-A-Pic!


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