May 14, 2009

Worst Week EVER

I can't tell you how depressed I am. It seems that life keeps screwing me...over and over again. I feel so helpless and worn out from all the crap that keeps coming my way. Since there is a lot, I'll break it down into a list:

1. NO CAR- our car broke down, got repoed (no money to pay loan..that's another point), borrowed my mother's van, it broke down...BTW, we had put about $35 in gas the DAY BEFORE it broke down...mother wouldn't help get it fixed (was in pretty bad shape when we borrowed it), and now it's been towed needless to say we've been "bussing it" everywhere or TRYING to borrow cars (for DR's appts and grocery shopping)....

2. NO MONEY- my husband has a 25hr a week job making $9/hr....and I go to school from 5-10pm I'm only able to work mornings...and in this economy, getting a job is really hard

3. Debt Collectors- owe at least 2 banks and it went to chexsystems (can't get a bank account now)...owe my last apartment complex $4,000 for breach of lease...owe on our car loan....owe money to a college for not finishing (finished current class, but not continued courses for minimum requirements to quit)...owe money to some family members....and a bunch more

4. Eviction- For the third time in a year, we are facing eviction. We only got into this apartment because they would take us with a recent eviction....we can't get a cheaper apt (with 4 people, we HAVE to have a 2 bedroom) and they won't give us a discount since I go to school. We still owe $$ for May's rent, and with all the late fees we owe just about as much money my husband makes a month at his work. We can't go to a shelter because I never got my 2 son's birth certificates.....they were never sent to us. So now we have to order them...that's more money.

5. Cell Phone dropped in water and now it's not working. We tried to find people on Craigslist that'll GIVE us any usused SPrint phone...some replied, but didn't reply back after I responded. SO we found a cheap enough phone on CL, they guy sold it to us and swore that the ESN was clear....well, it wasn't clear...we tried calling him about it, his GF answers and sounded a little perturbed. She said she was at work and would tell her BF later. We emailed them, called SPrint (they won't help)..finally the guy calls us yesterday and says he's sorry about the mixup and tells us he'll get it cleared or give us the $60 back on Friday.....UGHHHHHH!!!!

6. I go to school and need a babysitter (husband works until I get home)....NONE of my family members can give me a set time to help me out....I need someone four days a week for at least 5 hrs a day...I really can't afford to pay ANYONE,I said before, we barely make enough just to pay rent. AND the state won't help me with childcare since I don't work (WTF? so they won't pay for babysitting when I am trying to go to school to better myself? ok, so I'll work somewhere for less than $9/hr when I can go to school and in a few months I'll be a Phlebotomist and make $12-$14/hr...go figure)

7. A*holes on Cragslist are criticizing me for my post requirements for the babysitting I need...AND THEN MY POST GETS FLAGGED AND DELETED!!!! WHy? I NEED help!!! And the jerks spam/conversation posting is still up!

I am at a loss and am slipping quickly into a state of major depression. I can't handle this anymore....and the crappy part is, I don't know how to make it better!!! Whatever...I guess I'll just sit her and cry for a little while until I can figure things out.....



Insanity Kim said...


Hang in there, take life minute by minute, write everything down, even the small blessing you have at the moment, don't give up, be a unified front with your husband, hug your baby, PRAY PRAY PRAY. Keep seeking options, help, try to think of "plan B,C,D" and have a renewed hope everyday!

Praying that you receive some relief!

crazynlovemom said...

Don't give up. You have to keep on fighting. Just tie a knot at the end of your rope and hold on for dear life. I will pray for you.

Christina said...

Thank you for the kind words. I can use all the praying I can get.

crazedmama said...

I've been through it all and I'm tired of hearing people say, "it will get better" because for me it gets better for a little bit.. then gets bad again! Just know that u are not the only one going through hard times!

Christina said...

@crazedmama- I know what you mean. It seems to keep getting worse for me.

CastoCreations said...

I know it's difficult...and it doesn't help to hear that it will get better.

Do you have a good local church? The church I just started with is great with helping people with baby sitting, cooking, and even rides. Any helpful neighbors???

I'm signing up with Inbox Dollars using your referral so hopefully that will give you a few extra dollars.

And, while it doesn't help...Hang in there!!!

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28. I have this on my computer screen at all times.

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