May 12, 2009

Tattoos: An Ongoing Controversy

The above tattoos are mine and 2 are of my husbands (they match 2 of mine). The symbol is a Japanese kanjii that means Eternal/Forever. The skulls are just a silly cartoon representation of us...with heart eyes because of our Anniversary/Valentines Day.

I got my first tattoo (the one on my neck) about 3 years ago. It hurt like a bleepity-bleep...mostly because it was close to my spine. I actually can't give a good reason on why I got it. I mean, it really hurt...yet I really wanted one. And then about 2 months ago, I got the ones on my arm as a Valentines/Anniversary thing with my husband...who also got similar ones......well, those hurt 3x as much. I actually winced most of the time and tried not to act like I normally do when in pain: scream or cry!

I (so far) haven't had anybody say anything negative to me about my tattoos. They mostly ask if it hurt (well...DUH!). BUT I have had people say that getting a job will be hard because of them. I think it's discrimination if you deny a job to someone because of a tattoo (or beacuse it can't be covered up). If it's not racially inappropriate or whatnot, than what's the problem? I believe more and more people are becoming accepting of this subject, and hopefully us tattooed people can get more respect as an individual rather then for what we look like.

If you have any input, leave a comment or join the conversation below. :)



Horatio said...

Both of your husbands have the same tattoos?

Christina said...

1 husband, 2 tattoos...sorry, I worded it wrong

crazedmama said...

I have 7 tattoos, my husband is covered. He has been turned down quite a few times for jobs because of his tattoos. It's really a shame that people still judge you by the outside instead of what brains you have in your head. You would think people would be a bit more open minded these days. I guess some people will always stereotype tattoos.

Christina said...

@crazedmama- I know. Times are changing, people are becoming more accepting....but "The Man" has got it stuck into people's heads that tattoos are inappropriate

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