May 19, 2009

Your Baby Can Read is Amazing! Is it for real?

I've seen this ad on tv, online, and now again through (searching for something in particular to get cash back on). I am amazed completely by the videos they show on their landing page. It shows kids as small as 7 months (or smaller, I'm not sure) recognizing words on flash cards, then indicating what it is. I saw a baby on there understand what P-A-N-T-S meant...she had grabbed her pants when showed the flash card with the word (and only the word) on it!!!

Your Baby Can Read is a program that can help babies (from 3 months old) and kids read from an early age. It comes with DVDs, flash cards, game cards, books, and a few other kool things. The way it works, is they show a word on the tv screen, repeat it twice, then show the action of what the word is. Example: the word "CLAP" is shown on the screen, then it is said twice on the DVD, then shows a person (or sometimes animals) clapping. It gives repetition, which everyone needs to learn, as well as visual confirmation.

I know it almost sounds like a scam....that parents can do all that WITHOUT the help of a bunch DVDs or whatever. But if you think about it, we all buy educational books for our children (abc or 123 books), educational DVDs (that certain potty training video), or buy numerous flash cards to help our children learn their basic numbers and letters. What I like about this program is that they offer ALL OF THE ABOVE together in a neat package. They all together compliment each other (no confusing differences or changes in characters or teaching layout). Recognized expert, infant researcher Dr. Robert C. Titzer, Ph.D. (the guy who came up with Your Baby Can Read) had years of observing infants and children's learning skills and decided to try his program out on his own kids.

Now, My son is having trouble with his words, and I know he has trouble identifying things. I just don't have the time during the day (with studying, cleaning, and general home stuff) to spend on teaching him his skills. I like the DVDs because they can be put in while I'm busy, and he can learn from it. It's way better than putting Baby Einsteins in, because it's more than just stimulation (and sometimes putting my kids Your Baby Can Read DVDs show the words, say them, THEN show the action! I think both my boys can benefit from that, now that my little 7 month old is starting to gain interest in colorful pictures and sounds on tv. And when I have quality time with them, I can pull out the books and flash cards for additional learning.

Here are the videos so you can see how it works:

After watching the video on their website as well as the YouTube video, I am SOLD!!! The ONLY problem is I have NO money to invest in this amazing product. I am having so much problems with money right now (just read my last post). I even asked my mom a about a year ago to help me buy it, but she didn't know it cost $200 (she was gonna buy it thinking it was only $ stupid mistake of not paying close attention to the infomercial). So I guess I'm on my own now.....

BUT...If you'd like to help me out, I created a Donation widget for Your Baby Can Read. It'll go directly to the Paypal donations page, in which you can donate any amount. Or if you wish, visit ANY of my sponsors (pick one you'd actually LIKE to check out).

I'll let you know WHEN and IF I am able to purchase this wonderful program AND tell you how it goes. Oh yeah, has anyone ever purchased this program? If you did, how'd it go?



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hi..nice post u have here...

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thank's great to have visitors

john said...

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