November 8, 2007

Bumbo Warning

This is an article on the ABC news website:

Warning: Be Careful With Bumbo

CPSC Warns Parents Should Be Extra Careful When Leaving Children in the Bumbo Seat

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Be careful when using your Bumbo Seat. (CPSC)
From GMA

Touted on a company Web site as a "snug and cozy environment for your baby," the Bumbo Seat infant chair may actually be the opposite. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning parents to take caution -- your child could be in danger if the seat is used improperly.

The Bumbo Seat, recommended for babies between two months and 14 months, doesn't have any safety belt or harness. The plastic seat is designed to help babies sit upright and develop trunk control before they can do so on their own.

But babies who arch their backs while sitting in the Bumbo can flip out of the seat and land on their heads, a fall that could be deadly if the Bumbo is placed high on a table or countertop.

Amber Black said she watched in horror as her baby, Brookyln, fell out of a Bumbo Seat and off the kitchen counter head first.

"She was going in and out of consciousness she was going down and coming back. We freaked out and called 911," Black said. Thankfully, Brooklyn recovered quickly.

Videos posted on YouTube show other babies escaping from their Bumbos, from wriggling their way out to taking tumbles from countertops.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission knows of at least 28 incidents of babies falling out of Bumbo Seats. Three of those cases resulted in skull fractures.

"The reports of serious head injuries prompted the CPSC to announce a nationwide warning to consumers that have these -- not to put these on elevated surfaces and be aware that children can climb out of them or they can tip over in these chairs," CPSC Senior spokesperson Julie Vallese said.

ABC's San Francisco affiliate, KGO, uncovered several incidents involving children falling from Bumbo Seats -- including Dylan Lamm.

Kevin Lamm said shortly after he put his son Dylan in a Bumbo on a table, the child had to be airlifted to a hospital. "I can't lose him. I don't know what to do if I lost him... he means everything to us," Dylan's mother Mary Catherine Doherty said.

Now the Bumbo website say they are NOT recalling the product, just the instructions/papers so don't bother trying to get a refund.

My input on the whole deal:

I have the Bumbo seat and I love it. I read the box, included instructions, AND the seat itself...and they ALL said the same thing...that YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO LEAVE THE CHILD UNATTENDED WHILE IN THE SEAT.

Exact words ON the seat itself:

Never leave on a raised surface
Never use as a car seat or bath seat
Designed for floor level use only
Never leave your baby unattended
as the seat is not designed to be
totally restrictive and may not
prevent release of your baby in the
event of vigorous movement

Now, what part of that says "It's ok to put it on a table" or "OK to put on elevated surface"......Nowhere!!! It actually says to NOT do those things. So my problem is Why do people try to blame companies for their own stupidities? Now, I am completely sorry that those people had to go through their baby being hurt and all, but didn't they read the Warnings BEFORE the company recalled the instructions and sent out new ones?


sweiver said...

If you want to find something for your baby that you will be really happy with, you should really ask people (parents) just like you!

Asking other bloggers for advice is great, but at the end of the day we are all very different and what might be a great product for you may be a horrible fit for me.

I found a great website that allows you to enter in your personal preferences (first time parent, parent of multiple children etc) and how you want to use it (for a boy/girl, newborn/infant etc) and it shows you products that have been recommended by people just like you!

Once you find products that appeal to you, you can read reviews and see what people are really saying about it!

It has been really helpful for me, hopefully this helps you get your child's next favorite product!

I will include the link to the Bumbo seat but the site actually has EVERYTHING you can imagine!

Bumbo Baby Sitter

Good Luck and let me know how it goes!

dan said...

Just a quick plug for, which is a Web site devoted to helping make sure all parents know how to use the Bumbo Baby Seat safely. Posted by a representative of the manufacturer.

shern's mom said...

i've always thought that this bumbo seat as'useless' most parents love it because it somehow 'lock' their child to the seat while they're off doin somethin else.

Anonymous said...

As I was reading the article, I said to myself "surely those come with warnings not to place on elevated surfaces."

And as I read further I released it is true.

I don't know why a parent would trust something like this on a high surface, but if a product warns against it, I don't think it is right to expect the company pay.

I am thinking of getting one for my 3 month old. I am glad I read the warning though.

Kendra said...

My son fell out of his Bumbo chair and banged his head on the floor. Not a far fall, because he was already on the floor.
I would never place my child on an elevated surface while in the Bumbo, I knew what the fine print said...
My son placed his two little feet on the floor and rocked up and down until he fell out.
We watched him rocking, we thought he was safe- so we felt so bad when he fell.

I contacted the company, they offered nothing. No refund on the chair.
She basically said, too bad, so sad- I will pass your comments along.

Anonymous said...

...Some people in life aren't as educated or maybe just out of tune with common sense...we have those warnings for that reason posted on everything everywhere! I wish people would just take responsibility for their own actions when they make the's not the company's fault that that person thought it was smart to allow their child to be up high...without trying to offend anyone here...I think it is the same reason that in babysitting classes they tell you to put a pillow beside them so they don't roll off the couch...Most of us understand...most of us...

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