November 8, 2007

Halloween and other cute stuff

Cedric (my son) went as a bat. The outfit was a little snug, so he couldn't wear the hood up. He had a blast though. He never once cried or got fussy. In fact, he was "singing" while we were walking towards the car to go home. It was so funny. The only downside to that evening is that he peed his outfit up, while I was holding him, just before we got into the car......ewwwwww.

Cedric has 3 teeth now, and it looks like the 4th one may be coming in soon! He eats his baby foods mostly, but he does eat food with us sometimes to get used to it and try new things. I even bought those Gerber Graduates Sweet Potato Puffs for a snack. They dissolve pretty quickly so he won't choke on it. I think I'm gonna make some Jello for him this week....he had a taste of it when we went to Souper Salad last week and he liked it.

Cedric is such an active little guy. He tries (and succeeds sometimes) climbing up onto the couch and end tables. He gets into EVERYTHING! I have to straighten up several times a day from him getting into the books and movies in the living room. He also likes to crawl under the computer desk and get into the cords and printer stuff (I have the computer in the living room). His other favorite place to "get into" is the space between the patio door and the end table. I just don't understand why that area is just so interesting! LOL.

Oh yeah, Cedric "kisses" now. He kinda grabs mine and daddy's face, leans up to our cheek/chin/whatever and smooshes his mouth on us! He even has tried to munch on my chin with his little teeth! He also won't stop grabbing at my hair (yes, it IS up in a clip almost all the time) and glasses. This is getting really frustrating though. Cedric has bent my glasses from grabbing at them and I can't afford another pair right now....which is making me consider contacts (well, that and the fact I can't lay down or hug my husband properly without my glasses getting smushed).

Being a mom can be so fulfilling and frustrating at the same time!


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