December 10, 2007

Long Time, No Post?

Been kinda in a slough this past month....been making more jewelry and trying to find ways to get good pictures of them so I can sell them on having any luck yet. And Cedric (my precious son) is getting bigger everyday! He is so smart.

These past couple weeks he's been trying to stand on his own 2 feet as well as taking a few steps here and there. I actually caught him on video standing by himself for the first time AND taking a few steps (only days later). I uploaded the videos to YouTube. You can find them here. He has even tried to stand up without holding onto anything....he had dropped his knees (kinda the sitting position on your feet) then pushed his feet to standing position! It was so cute.

Another thing he has been doing is trying more words out. He has been saying "mama" and "dada" faintly for months. A few weeks ago, Cedric was getting into something while I was busy so I proceeded to send him in daddy's direction while saying "Go bother Daddy" and I walked away. A few seconds later, a clear and loud "HI DAD" came right out of his mouth!! He hasn't said our names that clearly ever! He also said "Daddy" really clearly yesterday as well. He also attempts saying "bye-bye" while waving his hand, but it comes out more like "guy-guy".

Last but not least, his 5th tooth is coming in!


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