December 10, 2007

Tired of MySpace?

I eventually got bored with MySpace since there wasn't much socializing or fun stuff to do individually (ie quizzes, polls, battles, games, etc). I finally found a couple places that are pretty fun, and some of them actually pay you (no stings attached, nothing for you to pay to get paid)! Check them out, if you don't like the place, just delete your account or set to private so you can come back and see if the place gets better. So simple. :)

Paid to Socialize:

Rotatrix Friends Network is an awesome place to socialize at. They have clubs, polls, games, blogs, music, and more! I am always getting comments from friends and I just love the games. No paid page views here. They pay YOU to USE their get points (which you eventually turn into $$$) by uploading images, writing blogs, commenting people/images/blogs, and much more!
RFN: The Global Friendship Network - Get Paid To Socialize!

Narple is very much like Rotatrix, even the setup is similar. The differences are they don't have games, but they do have battles and you can rate images too.

Other Fun Pay sites:

Share-a-Pic is like Photobucket where you can upload just about any image, but the difference is you can get paid by people viewing your images! So just paste your image code in comments, blogs, emails, websites, whatever!

Zlio is a place where you can make your own online store full of random items you like or typically themed items (I went with a fantasy theme). Everytime someone makes a purchase from your site, you get a commission! You can even ad Google adsense to your store! I made a banner for my Zlio store (their banners are unavailable at this time)

Other Social Networks:

MyYearbook has battles, quizzes, videos, groups, and you can even give your friends little virtual gifts from the virtual money you earn (no real money earned ever).


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