December 13, 2007

Mama War Wounds

I never knew being a mother is such a dangerous thing, until yesterday. Now I'm not talking about dangers to my child, I'm talking about how I get my 11 month old son! I have been poked, pinched, prodded, scratched, slapped, punched, kicked, pulled, and even ripped apart.........well, that last one refers to his birth (had to have stitches) but I digress. The crappy part about all of those things, is that he doesn't quite understand that he is hurting me and 'stop' and 'no' are not part of his vocabulary yet.

He is in the stage where hitting and grabbing are fun things for him. I can't tell you how many times he has slapped my glasses off my face or pulled hair out of my head. He even bent my glasses a few months ago from the grabbing compulsion. I now have to adjust my glasses several times a day just so they'd stay on my head. Daddy has even gotten a few wounds from our son! He seems to get the brunt of scratches and pinching. And none of these things my son does is out of anger or being upset! He just does them. One thing my son does when he gets angry is throw himself backwards, arching his back, and make his arms limp so I'm not able to pick him up properly.

With that said, Now comes to the war wound. My husband and I were playing with our son on the bed and I put him between us (son facing the same way as both of us). Well, all of a sudden my son decided to throw himself backwards (where I'm at) and his hard little head smacked me right in the mouth! Pain and tears ensued on my part. He gave me a fat lip!

I swear they should invent things for moms so they don't get hurt. Maybe I should wear Baseball Umpire clothing from now on.....but then again, my son would still try to rip the hat and mask right off my head anyway!


suchsimplepleasures said...

when my, now 12 year old, son was around 9 months old...he began biting. one day, i was doing dishes, he crawled up behind me, pulled himself up on my leg and bit my tush so hard that i had a permanent tooth mark embedded on one of my butt cheeks!
my littlest guy...the minute he was born, starting tearing apart my face. i have a scar on the side of my nose...the minute i was given him to hold...he sunk he talons into my nose! he still likes to rip apart my face...i have a doozy of a scab, going down my left face, not my butt!
i rollin' ya, too!

suchsimplepleasures said...

i had to tell, i was playing with my son...he told me he was a bird and i was a cat...he went "flying" towards me...smashed his cheek into my top lip...hello...i look like angelina jolie!

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