December 19, 2007

Nobody Listens - A Rant

I don't know why I haven't written about this before since it's happened countess times since I can remember.....I keep getting ignored and people tend to not listen to me. WTH?

There are a couple ways people do interrupting me and not acknowledging that I had just spoke and by not responding whatsoever.

I personally believe that if someone is talking and you need to say something RIGHT THEN, tell the person "I'm sorry, I just need to say something really quick" and then tell them to proceed after you are done talking....what's so hard in that? But no, NOBODY EVER does that for me. Instead, I get interrupted and they DON'T acknowledge that I ever spoke in the first place. I am quite a loud person, so I don't know why that happens.

And the "No response" or "slow response" thing is really getting on my nerves too. Too many times something comes up that I just have to show someone something (ie a funny part on tv or my son walking) that could very well go away quickly so I say "Hey {so and so}, look quickly." or whatnot, but they don't until the "kool" thing has passed and cannot be repeated.

I am so livid right now that people can be so uncaring, people close to my, like my family and friends. I almost feel like not talking at all anymore....becoming a mute. But then again, if I do that, they all of a sudden act like they care or get pissed at me for "acting like a child". WTH? Thank God I have this blog to let my emotions out so I don't punch a hole in the wall or something rash. LOL!



suchsimplepleasures said...

that has ALWAYS been one of my pet peeves! or...asking me a question and then completely ignoring the answer or walking away as i'm answering!!! if you're not interested, don't fricking ask!
i'm so with you on this!!!

Melinda Zook said...

I hate that too. It seems like everywhere you look people are so much about themselves. They are so busy thinking of their next thing to say they are not even's terrible!

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