January 28, 2008

I Remember When...a trip down memory lane

Tim McGraw came out with a song not to long ago called "Back When". It's a pretty kool song about how he remembers when certain things were different when he was younger compared to now.

I'm sure everyone takes a trip back down memory lane now and then to compare prices, objects, and situations to the things we have now. I was doing that today....and I'm only 26! But I guess it has to start sometime. I decided I'll share a few Remember When's with you all today.

I Remember When:

-the Dollar theater actually cost a dollar to get in (even the soda and popcorn were $1 as well)

-I first started driving (at the age of 16), gas was between $.80 and $1 a gallon!

-Super Mario was the best RPG game around. (ok, maybe Zelda was up there too, but I never really played that then)

-slap bracelets were all the rage. (and dangerous...the fabric would always peel away from the edges, revealing a very sharp piece of metal)

-cartoons were outrageously violent with little to no morality to them....and our parents let us watch it! (what was with the anvils always getting dropped on someone's head?)

-photos actually came out of a camera like printer paper, and we had to wait an obnoxiously long time, watching them to develop (did shaking the Polaroid ever really help?)

-I got my first computer (ok, the household got one) at the age of 9, and it was an MS-Dos something or other....where the F keys actually had a purpose and function (arrow keys or mouse? what were those?)

-Michael Jackson was a very talented BLACK man (ok, I HAD to get that one out...LOL)

-Boy Bands were a hot item and there were like a hundred of them floating around in the music world! (I confess that I was a huge New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys fangirl at one point)

If you have any "Remember When's" of your own, feel free to post a comment. I love hearing about what people can remember about how things have changed.


Kaila's Mommy said...

I love Tim, he has always been my number one! giggle

I remember when video games where like little blocks, you could make out every pixel. I also remember when tapes were the thing to have. Oh and when the new thing called the internet came out too. These are only in my lifetime.

bloggingpreneur said...

I remember when the "Madonna" lace gloves were in style. Upon reflection, I know I must have looked like a fool wearing lace fingerless gloves to school.

Magdalen Islands said...

Gas was $.57/gallon when I started driving. Before that, pointed toed shoes and bell bottoms and mini skirts, were all the rage. Oh and don't forget Sunday night Ed Sullivan Shew and Bonanza on black & white TV. I feel so old!

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