January 7, 2008

Just random pictures

All these pictures are thumbnails....which means you need to click on them to go to the full images.

The first bunch are pictures of really magnificent buildings and houses I found online (none were taken by me). Also, a few pictures of beautiful landscapes and nature that just catch my breath.

These are some "LOLCats" that I recently found out about. I have never heard (or seen) pictures like this before. They are hilarious!


SMA said...

Very nice blog and wonderful picture!
Good luck!

Judi said...

Christina - here are a few more cat funnies.. these were emailed to me forever ago..

funny & too cute. :)

Sandy C. said...

I'll take one of those ginormous homes please :)

Those were fabulous shots!

Julie Zbeetnoff said...

Awww....These pics are just so cute.

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Mrs Coetser said...

Lovely pictures

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