January 5, 2008

How much have I made?

I decided to post every month, my stats on how much I've made on each site I belong to...to make money online.

As of today, these are my stats (joined these sites at the beginning of November 07):

1. Bux.to
=$6.57 (easiest money made so far, cashout at $10 at which I will buy some referrals once I get to $15)

2. InboxDollars
=$12.70 (also easy since all I have to do is "read" emails, no cashout yet which is at $30)

3. ClickThru
=$4.86 (money is used for swapping or "buying" ad spots for your websites)

4. Shareapic
=$0.26 (slowgoing, but should payout if I get more people to view my pictures)

5. Zlio.com
=$0.09 (need to get my store advertised so people can buy "my" stuff)

All my social networking sites have small amounts (less than $1.00) as well, but it takes dedication to advertise for referrals as well as actually being active to recieve money.


C. R. Morris said...

This is a great idea! I started a new blog on Friday that will hopefully keep me organized with all that I do online.. and I thought it would help to share with others as well. Wishing you much luck with your online earnings!!

Mrs Coetser said...

Interesting to know.
Thanx for sharing.

miss_moneymaker said...

Hi, I have a Zlio store also, we should link our stores to hopefully give each other a little extra traffic.
I just added your store to my shoproll.
Heres the link to mine if you want to check it out before deciding.
Jazzy Chicks Comparison Shop

I'm also on your friend list at Rotatrix.

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