January 1, 2008

The Day After....

So we had a great time last night. My husband and I, my Brother-in-Law, my nice, and my cousin all went to a friend's house (they had a few other mutual friends there as well) to just hang out for New Year's Eve. It was pretty fun. We had some awesome burgers and salsa and drank a bunch of good alcohol. >:} We mostly just chatted and goofed around until the big Ball Dropping moment. We then started to watch Rocky Horror, but I passed out on the floor just as it started (around 2am).

I didn't sleep well though, and it was not because of the alcohol....who can sleep on the floor and wake up all refreshed? I will kick that person in the pants if they can. Not to mention I do have (and been having bad this past week) an Acid-reflux problem and woke up around 5am coughing up some acid that creeped up my throat and into my mouth. So now, I have been feeling kinda crappy today....not exactly a hangover, more like a restless/hyper feeling in my body that also wants to just sleep or lay down. I really hope I get a good night's sleep tonight.


suchsimplepleasures said...

so...are you still sleeping? hope you finally caught up on your zzzz. i have to wait until my kids are in college, until i'm allowed to sleep again!

moneyrush said...

i hate that feeling, i do drink occasionally and i always have that feeling even i don't drink much...will i think that explains will.

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