January 12, 2008

My Sweet Little Prince

It's been awhile since I posted any musings about my son. I tend to forget to write about all the cute things he does lately, especially when I have problems with relaying my thoughts into written or spoken words ('why does she have a blog then?')..... I guess that's a good question, but I already answered that in my first post. :)

Now onto my little guy:

It seems like ages since he started crawling at 4 months of age, and now he's walking! Just last week he was so afraid to walk to much on his own for long periods of time. He would just take a step or 2, give up, and end up crawling to his destination of choice. I guess it only took him a week to decide to give it a 'real' try, and now he just about walks everywhere! He can even be in the middle of a room with nothing to hold onto, and get up and walk!

I am so amazed by my little guy on how fast he learns....well, I'm still having trouble getting him to understand that climbing onto the furniture and opening cupboards/drawers are NO NO's. LOL!

(click thumbnails to view larger image)


wearingmybabies said...

Those pics are so cute! I have a son just about your little ones age... only about a month older. =)

Beibi said...

yeah! I have to agree, your baby is soo cute! I hope my baby turns out to be as cute as he is. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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