January 12, 2008

The New Era of TV: HDTV

I just heard today, that all television is switching over into High Definition by February 2009! It sounded so interesting that I just had to find an article about it and share it with you all.

Article From HDTV Info Port

The "TV Era" is over!

The TV – an 'Icon' of American culture for three-quarters of a Century - is obsolete. And in the UK the same can be said of the telly. . .
The most familiar focal point in family living-rooms for generations, the traditional NTSC-Analog Television set – the one everyone had because it was the only one available – Is No More!

This solitary symbol, after standing steadfast through so many decades, TV as we knew it – Your TV – has now been replaced. Through the evolution of display technology, a new television has emerged; so totally different, a new TV 'paragon' has been created. This 'near-perfect' model comprises a whole-new-complex of icons in place of the One. Yesterday’s TV has yielded today’s: DTV … SDTV … EDTV … HDTV.

Since entering the new millennium, we've seen a number of significant societal changes that have effectively altered how we live, day to day. Television in the Twenty-First Century is a hallmark to certain of these changes. TV, so-long dormant, has finally emerged from the shadows where it dozed for decades. Now in the full light of a new era, TV has at last awakened to its full potential. The evidence is the revelation displayed by this astonishing, new vision. Digital TV is the bright dawn of a new day, after the long night of traditional TV.

The picture quality of the new, (Digital) Standard Definition TV - "SDTV" - is so surprisingly superior to traditional Analog TV, it raises the question - How did Analog Television survive for so long, with such obviously poor picture quality? Clearly, we didn’t know what we were missing!

But SDTV was just the beginning. At the same time we were learning about Digital TV, there was talk of another, 'better' TV. This was identified as “High Definition Television.” And it was said to be, “incredibly better” than Digital's SDTV.
However, while High Definition TV (HDTV) is “digital” TV, it’s NOT at all the same as SDTV. The two have separate and distinctly different formats.

In fact, HDTV is just ONE of (18) formats that comprise the ATSC Digital TV Standard. But beyond all argument, HDTV offers the ultimate in TV Picture Quality. Yet to avoid any misconceptions, it’s important to note that Digital-HDTV is immeasurably, MORE than merely a “better TV picture.”

HDTV is the entrance to an awesome, new dimension; and an almost unbelievable, new experience; both visually and auditorily. Once you experience HDTV - You Want It!
Often, people who have not yet experienced HDTV will ask how to tell when a television is an HDTV. No need to worry - you'll KNOW you’re viewing an HDTV when your immediate response is ... "W O W!" ... commonly followed with an involuntary exclamation of “…Unbelievable!”

But before you can experience that “wow” in your home, you’ll have to navigate your way along some new, strangely different and often complex paths. Unlike buying a traditional analog TV – a simple choice of size, price and perhaps a few extra features – Digital High Definition TV requires decisions covering a bewildering array of choices. Many of these decisions will be easier made after gaining some understanding of the basics of Digital-HDTV.

Digital-HDTV Choices

At the same time that we are witnessing the passing of analog television, an evolution in television technology is occurring. The familiar CRT TV (cathode ray tube - or ‘picture tube”) is being pushed aside by an array of new competitors. These include: Plasma ... LCD ... LCoS ... DLP; to name some of the emerging television technologies, now competing for your attention.

This means that today’s consumers are required to make choices covering a wide range of issues; many involving new concepts or topics never before considered by the typical TV Viewer.

For instance …
Do you want a 'Direct View' TV? Or would you prefer a 'Rear Projection' TV? Perhaps a ‘Front Projection’ TV is better?
Should you stay with a traditional CRT TV, or go for one of the new, 'fixed-pixel' displays?
How would you like your screen, Flat-Panel ... Thin-Profile ... Wide-Screen ... BIG Screen - or even BIGGER!?
Are you interested in “HDTV”, or is “SDTV” satisfactory for your use? Or would you rather select an “EDTV?”

Okay, you’re getting the picture (pardon the pun). But hold on ...
All I Wanted To Do Is Buy A TV!

All you're trying to do, is buy a new TV!
... Clearly - This is NOT your 'grandfather's TV!'

In addition to the transition from Analog TV to Digital TV, and its dramatic impact on consumers, are the effects from the continuing shockwaves generated as television technologies keep expanding, with one, new development following another. So, is it any wonder consumers have become more and more perplexed? The present situation can only be described, at best, as complete chaos!

Our objective is to provide you with a (reliable) resource of essential (useful) information about the basics of Digital TV and HDTV.
And the good news is... it doesn’t require a degree in TV Technology!
Our approach to Digital-HDTV is to have the view of the "Non-Tech" consumer. As much as possible, we try to leave the "technology-stuff" (and this covers a lot of 'Stuff'!) for the "tech-types" to take care of.

We believe you're interested in what you need to know, to buy and enjoy a Digital-HDTV – NOT, how to build one!
This involves finding your way through, (what we named) "The Digital-HDTV-Mis / Dis-Information-Maze©."
And it can be rough going without a map. However, HDTVInfoPort can be a guide, to help you navigate your way through the 'maze'.
This means, You don't have to endlessly search the WWW; weed out all the dead-links, or sort through unrelated and out-dated articles. Nor will you have the hassle of deciphering pages of Technical Data - just to find out the difference between DTV and HDTV.

HDTVInfoPort does the searching for you, filters out the noise and decodes the 'tech-speak.' The results are provided here - in one place - giving you a single resource where you can easily access the information you want.

Ready for a new adventure...
Then get ready to enter "The Digital-HDTV-Mis/Dis-Information-Maze©" ...


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