February 25, 2008

Entrecard Link Love

I've been meaning to do this for a while now...so here it is!

Here are a few entrecard members blogs that I enjoy and also have useful information that I wanted to share with everyone.

Top Droppers:


EZ DIY Electricity

Reality Is Over Rated

Sense to Save

An Unsuspecting Notebook

Momma Muse

Kool Mom (or Parent) Blogs:

Laura William's Musings

Mummified Times Five

Parent Life

Cheaper By The Half Dozen

My Absent Mind

Peapod Squad Stuff

Jogging In Circles

Olive Juice



Rachel said...

I completely agree with your parent blog choices. Great picks!

Mee mOe said...

I wanted to ask you how you created a link for you logo, the scroll link, and how do you do your signature. I love your page and I even placed your logo on my blog "Struggling Parents". Thanks for the parent blog choices too...;)

C. R. Morris said...

Awww.. you're the bestest.. thank you! I'm going to go check out all of the other blogs..if they're not already my faves too! I love your blog!

Jolene said...

oh thank you for showing my blog on your list...I read your blog all the time I don't know how I missed seeing me on there LOL.
I love reading your blog and am sorry you had to get rid of your internet connection! But I will still enjoy reading whenever you get on and get to post!

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