February 8, 2008

Mama's Entrecard Designs

I decided lately that I would like to help other Entrecard members by making custom cards for them. I created a shop on Entrecard where anybody can get a custom made 125x125 button for only 30EC. I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and only know basics (I'm not even close to being a graphic designer) so most cards will be fairly simple. I use images from Photobucket or Flickr for the backgrounds, or in my Card logo, I used my blog colors and Brushes obtained form various websites for the design.

Here are some cards I made recently:


And here is my current card and old card:

More examples of my work HERE.

If you are an Entrecard User and would like a custom card, check out my Shop.

If you don't have an Entrecard account, but still want a custom card (for Project Wonderful, etc), all I ask is that I get a link back to this blog if you use my creations. Just leave a comment in this post with the following info:

  • Blog Name
  • Blog Tagline
  • Colors or image ideas you would like (You can provide an img if you have one)


C. R. Morris said...

I think this is a great idea. So many don't know how to make their own cards and being unique really grabs the eye. BTW, I absolutely love the Olive one! hee.. I believe I added that blog to my favorites... the graphic caught my eye!

Forexman said...

A great Idea, I am certain you will be inundated with requests. I would like to take up your offer for 3 cards.

roxxymetal said...

This is a wonderful idea! I think the cards that you've done are really good!! I would be interested in getting a card or two done. My email addy is roxxy_metal@yahoo.com
Just email me when you get a chance,I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!Thanks!

Nicole said...

Great idea - but be careful with the images.
But I guess you know that ;)

Love the cards you have done so far :)!

Paula said...

I certainly love my card. Thanks again for your creativity and kindness.

Jo said...

I'm interested...

I have two blogs on entrecard that I need cards for, as well as for project wonderful.


The images you use -- are they freebies, royalty free, etc.?

iris said...

hi! i found your site through entrecard (where else, hehe) and i really like the idea of getting my own card design.. because if you'll look at mine, it's not much and it certainly doesnt even take into account my blog name :) thing is, your shop at entrecard says you have zero in stock.. so if you're still doing this, please let me know!

suchsimplepleasures said...

hey...stopping by to wish you a happy valentines day!!

Sonya said...

They're all very pretty. Great job and what a great idea!

Dunn said...

I had visited your shop, but you don't have any stock left for quite sometime. Do you still accepting order?

Christina said...

I AM CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING ANY ORDERS....My graphics program is not working right now.

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