March 24, 2009

It's too HOTT!

I can't believe it's almost April and we've (meaning us Phoenix Natives) have been feeling Summer heat already! I just recently bought a coat for Kansas winter weather (a really nice one too), but we moved back to Phoenix only a month later. Ever since then it's never got cold enough to wear my coat. Go figure. I love the weather now, but that also means it'll get hotter. If Arizona relocation is what you are considering, definitely do it in the Spring when the weather is not too hot to move huge furniture around. Check it out, you may find your Dream Home in Arizona!



Auntie E said...

We are going to visit AZ. this summer. I remember being there 32 years ago.It was Hot. My grandparents just moved East from there. Too hot for them. I however am looking forward to visiting.

zunnur said...

I guess you have to keep the coat for the next winter :)

shopannies said...

is that good or bad we are in southern illinois and still experiencing 50 degrees weather would love it to be a bit warmer

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