March 24, 2009

Week from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

You heard me right. I have had a pretty bad week this week.

1. It all started last Friday when our only vehicle, our stupid little Chevy Aveo, broke down. I was driving home from dropping my husband off at work when it overheated. I stopped at the nearby Walgreens and called my mother to come get me. BTW, we had just put gas in it the night before....She just so happens to own a Dodge Minivan (that will eventually be given to my nephew in a few months) and said I can use it until then. So we got a 7-day registration and got it insured.

2. I started school yesterday (YAY!) and needed a babysitter to watch my 2 nephew (the same one who's getting the minivan) said he'll do it. I went to pick him up and he wasn't there!!! My mother was fortunately able to watch them.

3. I was on my way to drop my husband off at work this afternoon, and you'll never believe it............THE VAN BROKE DOWN!!!! This time it was a fan belt (well, the darn thing did sit for 3 years in our hot wasteland of a state)....oh yeah, it broke down at the SAME Walgreens! I think that Walgreens is cursed.

4. We put a full tank of gas in the van last night because i had lots of things to do this week....

5. And earlier today, my son POOPED ALL OVER ME!!!!!

So, that's my crappy week. I really hope things will get better. I don't think I can take the stress.



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