April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

That's my silly 2 year old...he found an Easter hat in the garage.....too bad he doesn't know it's for girls. ;) LOL!

We had a pretty good morning so far. I his plastic eggs (and some real ones too) around the house and set up his Easter basket. He found ALL his eggs pretty easily, even looking under things (I his most of them in PLAIN sight...LOL). His plastic eggs were dinosaur heads....Walmart had some pretty kool themed plastic eggs and couldn't pass these up. They even came with some individually wrapped candy inside! Anyway, the real eggs had some Spongebob Stickers and Stands on them. He LOVED that! He also got a main prize consisting of a Spongebob lunch box that came with a Spongebob DVD and PC game.

While he opened most of his candy, I made our Easter breakfast. I made Scrambled Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Eggs, Maple Sausages, and fruit cups. It was pretty good. My husband pretty much played Need for Speed: Underground 2 all morning....MEN.....

Later on will meet up with my mom and some other family members for an Easter Linner (Dinner around lunch time.....yeah, weird, huh?).

PhotobucketHave a Happy Easter!!!!



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