April 9, 2009

Lung Cancer-It's not only for smokers!

I saw this conversation on Dneero and I just had to join in. It kinda hits home because a family member of mine could almost care less if she smokes around me and my children.

She actually makes "half" attempts to Not Smoke around us. What I mean is, that she'll go smoke outside, but there have been times where she'll leave the front door open (smoke comes billowing inside) or she'll come inside the house with her lit cigarette to answer the phone or something completely dumb. And when we're in her car and we stop somewhere, she'll light up her cigarette IN THE CAR and then get out!

I have told her time and again that all the above bothers me. I DO NOT want my little boys to get Lung Cancer or Asthma or anything from her smoking around them.

Anyway, join the conversation below....you can help me make Money to donate to the Stacey Scott Lung Cancer Registry.



Dominique said...

I recently read a report on 3rd hand smoke and that the ills of the cigs linger on the clothes of the smoker even after he/she has he puff and innocent kids may get affected by 3rd hand smoke. I'm not sure on how accurate the report is but it makes me more cautious about my kids to be around smokers.

Christina said...

My kids doctor tells me to tell her to wash her hands and face AND change her clothed after smoking if she wants to hold them or kiss them...

julia ward said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. Smoking is just sooooo evil. My better-half started up after a trip to Europe. Before we moved here he got so stressed he smoked himself into nicotine poisoning. Had to take him to the ER. Nicotine is a pesticide for God's sake. But will he stop... NO! Needs that 9 second buzz. Breaks my heart I'll probably lose him to lung cancer or have to carry his oxygen canister when he finally smokes himself to death.

All the smoker's need to move to a third world country until they QUIT!


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