April 18, 2009

Mama's Money Saving Tips

I don't think I ever officially announced my other blog I created a week ago. It's a blog dedicated to my love of getting Free Stuff, using Coupons, being Frugal, and also Making Money Online.

I try to find Freebies and Coupons all over the net and post them for everyone. I also get Free Redbox Codes that I post every Monday. Every weekend I give an update of all the online earnings I've made.....haven't tracked savings yet, but I hope to soon.

I am just starting out with really monitering my spending and saving, as well as starting to make money online, so my posts are mainly Freebies and Tips right now.

CHeck it out, and if you have any suggestions (or complaints), please let me know. I'd like this site to be user-friendly for everyone. :)

Mamas Money Saving Tips



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