April 2, 2009

New Blog Features: Ads

I have some new features to blog to create revenue for my empty pockets (been really depressed lately about my financial status). I have added a few sponsors and affiliate ads of companies I like and use. Feel free to visit them if you have the time. I really do appreciate it. :) BTW, these are great to ad to your own site/blog to make money!

1. Ads above blog posts- These are companies that sponsor me through Commission Junction. If you like the ad, click on it. Each company has a specification for how I will get paid (readers subscribe, shop through their site, etc). It's pretty kool. As soon as I get any offers or payment, I'll keep you all informed so you know how it's going. I feel really good about this one. It's way better than AdSense.

2. Sponsors on Left Sidebar- Same companies (more are pending approval...so hopefully more to come), different spot.

3. Affiliates On Bottom- These are banners to my surveys, PTC/PTR, etc sites that reward me to refer new users. Read about them in my post Saving Money and Earning Online.

Again, if you feel like creating some revenue for you site/blog, check my affiliates out and be sure to stop by Commission Junction.



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