February 28, 2008

No More Internet!

My financial situation has shifted....yet again....and now we are not able to pay for such luxuries like the Internet or Cable TV. I will not be able to update this blog everyday, or even during the week...but I do have access to the internet at my mother's house when I visit her on the weekends. SO it's not all bad. I still have another week before the internet gets shut off, but I just wanted everyone to know what's going on now just in case something happens or I forget. I don't want anyone to think I have abandoned blogging if I don't post for a few days....it's just because my internet will be No More in a week.

On a lighter note, my son has been saying "HI" every chance he gets. Yesterday, he woke up from a nap and I turned to look at him and he said "HI" in his little high pitched voice while waving. It was so adorable!



C. R. Morris said...

I'm sorry to hear this. :*-( I do have to say that I can identify. Hope you're back soon and you will be missed. As for the cute squeeky "hi," isn't that the cutest?

{Karla} said...

we are considering this same thing... hope it all works out for you (It will, of course... it's just the internet ;0)


Ronnie said...

Sorry to hear that. I hope everything works out for you and your family.

Btw, thanks for commenting on my blog.

Stine said...

So sorry about that - still, it's not all bad... Think of all the cleaning you'll get done ;-(

Mee mOe said...

God Bless You !!! hope the best !!! Your in my prayers !!

Lori - Heaven Graphics said...

I've been stuck at the library a few times, it happens!

Congratulations on your expectant new arrival :)

suchsimplepleasures said...

well...some blogging/internet is better than none, right?! i hope things get better for you guys!!
how are you feeling?

Gypsy at Heart said...

I'm sorry to hear it too. I've been enjoying your blog and now it feels like I'm being deprived of a treat.
They are wonderful when they start doing cute things like this. Actually, they are wonderful all the time. Children are so much fun.

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