March 2, 2008

Build an online store in just a few minutes!

'Zlio' - have you heard of this useful little e-Hobby that's currently working wonders on the internet?

It's a weird name for a cool service which I've started to use, which allows you to create your own shop in less than five minutes! Yes Sir - all in five minutes, and no need to know HTML or even to deal with the usual headaches of creating a website!

And now, I have my own online shop which I can personalize as much as I want and on which I can sell products which I've selected from a database of over three million - the only really tough thing was to think of a good name for the shop!

All I really need to do, now, is to advertise my shop to other people and let them now about it, because I get a very cool commission (2% to 15%) every time someone buys something from me! But of course, I never need to handle the items myself - all of that's dealt with for me!

And if you'd like to check out my shops Enchanted Trinkets and Whatever Baby, I have widgets for them on my left sidebar showing some of the products featured.

Enchanted Trinkets is a store I created around all my favorite things about Fantasy (fairies, dragons, castles, etc), Goth (skulls, crosses), and a few Metaphysical paraphernalia.

Whatever Baby was created mainly because I am a mom and I wanted to share all my favorite mom and baby needs to fellow moms and parents out there.


Jolene said...

I have a Zlio store too, so far I've only done one with some Tony Stewart stuff, but I do plan on doing more. And you're right, it was really easy to set up! I just need to advertise it LOL.

Stine said...

Cool! And your baby shop is lovely!

Table for Five said...

I'm in the process of setting up a Zlio store as well, for my cooking blog. I'll be featuring tons of cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, stuff like that. I couldn't think of a name so I just used the blog name, not very creative :)

P.S. It was very cool to see my Entrecard ad over there on your sidebar!

Mee mOe said...

Never heard it Zlio store, cool, I'll have to check it out...thanks for posting my encard today on your blog..;)

Irene said...

I have never heard of this site yet...but I will check it out today. Thanks for posting about it!

Congrats on the baby! I hate ms and always had it fo 4 months, everyday and night! Yuck. I hope it passes for you much quicker this time. And I wish I had some tips for you, but I never did find anything that helped for me.

Have you asked your doctor for something? I've heard about prescriptions that are supposed to help?

Sending you no more ms vibes your way!

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