February 28, 2009

No,no.....not YOU.....U!!!!

My 2-year old is quite a smart kid...and a HAM to boot (that's his Popeye smile to the left)! He's been learning a lot of sign language to make up for having some trouble with words. I have an Alphabet flipbook with pictures, but he never pays attention to the Alphabet itself...he gets too excited when he sees an object he knows (A is apple, and B is ball....he can say both words, btw).

Recently I heard him saying what I think were the letters A, B, and C..in that order. So I decided to try the alphabet on it's own. He did quite well, except for F-K and W......but when we got to U it was quite hilarious....

Cedric: Rrrrrr
Cedric: Sssssss
Cedric: TEA!!! (I have been drinking a lot of Arizona tea lately...which is where he picked up that word/letter...lol)
Cedric: Me......
ME: No, U!
Cedric: (pointing to himself) ME!

I never knew that ME was in the alphabet!!!! I just love how kids can be so funny without even trying.....



Felicia said...

You have seriously got to try the preschool prep series! Graham learned the alphabet in three weeks with Meet the Letters!! They are really unbelievable! He will be 2 in April and knows his entire alphabet (upper and lower case, in order or out of order), 1-10 (in order and out of order), the shapes: diamond, circle, dome and colors yellow and blue! He can even read the words "of" and "he" all because of these DVD's! No joke!

Christina said...

That's amazing! I'll have to check it out.

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